Why Nigerian Visa Applicants Are Denied Visa cannot be overemphasize. The feeling you get when you are denied visa is frustratingly beyond words.

It is outright sickening. The moment you receive your passport and the reality hits at you, you feel something just left you. There is a sudden rush of headache. Your heart is thorn between rejection and bitter anger. And even few days after, you still wish it never happened. What about the money you spent?

The efforts and prayers you offered? All are in waste. It is a sick experience to have. And, no one wishes to go through it. But, then, what could possibly be the cause why Nigerian visa applicants are denied visa?

There are many answers to the question. Though, it may be lightly difficult to point to a particular thing that could cause visa rejection. There are still specific issues that are identifiable. This article narrows them to three.

Wrong Information Filing/False Documents.

Wondering why this makes the first point? Your visa application begins here. It is the first contact the embassy of the country you are applying to will get from you. And first impression, they say, matters. There are a number of cases where people have filed the wrong information during their visa application. And, of course, the guys at the Embassy don’t take it lightly.

With their negative perception about Nigerians, the least you could do is to raise the dust of suspicion in your application.And talking about False Documents; oh yes, it is very common amongst Nigerian visa applicants. The commonest is the Bank Statement. Granted, there are people who obtained their visa with documents that are not entirely genuine. But at least, they didn’t raise doubts or suspicion.

Inadequate Preparation For Interview

Don’t get it wrong. Preparation for visa interview doesn’t mean reading the whole interview past questions or cramming the answers. “Garbage in garbage out” can never help you in an interview, especially that of US. Why? Visa interviews are supposed to be conversational.

The guys at the embassy want to interact with you, know your purpose and plans for travelling to their country. Most importantly, they want you to convince them you will leave their country when your duration of stay is over.

You need to develop interview skills. Without engaging them in convincing conversation, “sorry, you no dey go anywhere.” You are likely to be denied visa.

Lack of Proper Consultation

It is important you understand that a consultant is different from a visa agent. You can better understand a consultant as a counselor. Though, consultants are much more than just that. They had been there, know the way out and hold the secrets.

They certainly have some genuine helpful tips you probably don’t have that may be very instrumental to the success of your visa application.

Nevertheless, you are doomed from the start if you meet the wrong people for consultation. You must know there are “wolfs among the sheep.” To say the least, there are many consultants that are out to drain your pockets and leave you in “total mess!” Some of them haven’t even crossed the Nigerian border on a travel and hold no experience or connection whatsoever to be able offer you real help.That said, however, there are yet few genuine and well-informed consultants who are vast in the visa application niche. It is in your best interest to seek consultation from any of them even before you begin your application. One of the very best that comes to mind is

Very reliable and trusted, you can bet your needs are half-solved after consulting them. We share in the testimonies of those whose visa grant was effortless and seamless. If you hate the truth, don’t bother checking them out.

We tell you the way it is. But, you are certain you will get solution to your needs. Good thing to get a good consultant is that we tell you the secrets you can’t find in articles.

Lastly, understand the power of research. Before you take a step, ensure you do adequate research. You can learn from the stories of those who were denied visa. If you are lazy to do that, at least, consult expert-consultants. You can hardly get a visa without concrete prior knowledge of the processes, requirements and the “HOWs.” Good luck.

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