Why Spain 
Spain is known to be the most suitable country for international students as it offers a lot more than just education. Living in Spain will allow students to experience life in ways that could not have been imagined.

If the idea of a country driven by the passion for football and festivals is not enough, then let talk about studying in Spain. 

Home to the world most famous and loved cities
Spain is proud to have some of the most sorts after cities in the world. Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia are the top destinations for tourists and now also international students.

Rich Spanish History and Culture
Immerse yourself in a country older the Roman Empire. Spain has a rich history with many ancient building and monuments intact to be explored by international students. 

Beautiful climate
You will never complain about the climate in Spain. With a moderate climate throughout the year, you will have plenty of sun to soak yourself into and enjoy outdoor lunches. 

Fiesta and Siesta
Spain is the carnival capital of the world. International students will experience a whole new meaning about festivals in Spain. Some of the most famous festivals and carnivals are Salamanca, Valencia, Tomatina and Pamplona to name a few. 
Also, the Spanish are famous for their 3-hour long lunch breaks and taking long naps during the day. (Who needs any more reasons?)

Why study in Universities in Spain?
Spain is not only a very beautiful country to live in but also has some of the best universities.

Universities in Spain have a very high global and regional rankings. Law and MBA programs are provided by some of the best universities in Spain and also have great other benefits for international students. 

Global recognition of education
From bachelors to masters, you can find a wide variety of programs in different disciplines. Universities in Spain are known for its law programs as they are recognized globally.  You will also find some top universities in Spain that offer programs in marketing, finance, art and humanities, hospitality management, science, and Spanish courses.

Spain is home to some of the best universities in a range of courses in business and liberal arts. You will also find universities in Spain that teach a course in English and get you accustomed to the Spanish culture.

Students looking to study MBA can find a lot of courses in Spain and it provides a great place to start your career and build entrepreneurial skills.

Students from all over the world also come to Spain to study Spanish courses because what better place to learn Spanish than Spain itself

Lowest tuition fees in Europe
Public universities in Spain are known to have the lowest tuition fees as they are set by the government. Tuition is calculated on the number of credits you take and hence an average bachelor’s degree might cost about 1500 EUR/year and master’s degree may cost 2500 EUR/year.

Lots of funding and student support
Universities in Spain provides several funding options for international students through scholarships, grants and loans provided by the government. The scholarships exist for both EU and non-EU students. Some popular scholarships in Spain are –
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
African Leadership in Business MBA Scholarships (for African students)

Spanish spirit is contagious and looks good on the resume
Students who spend a few years studying in Spain adapt to the Spanish culture and carry it within their heart for life. There is no escaping the joy of a culture that embraces long lunches and daytime napping. You can study from some of the top universities in Spain at affordable prices and also avail some great scholarships. Also studying in Spain adds great value to your resume. You can impress your next employer by showing off that Spanish culture and degree.

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