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Akinwale Abiola Richard Emmanuel

Akinwale Abiola Richard Emmanuel

Managing Director

HI. I’M RICHARD. As a travel agent, I provide personalized travel planning for individuals, couples, families, and groups. I grow my business with referrals from my clients, which I believe is a sign of their satisfaction and confidence in my services.

When you book with us you get these extra perks that don’t cost anything but make the biggest difference, service is everything. So many agencies have thousands of people behind a desk trying to hit monthly targets but we are a small agency and focus on customer service not how much a booking is worth. It’s better to build great relationships with clients and make their whole travel experience as great as it can be, right from the booking.


Akinwale Abiola Richard Emmanuel is the brain behind Study With Ease International, the foremost provider of Canadian Immigration and Education Consulting Services in Nigeria. He is authorized to offer immigration advice and process visas to foreign nationals. Due to his unparalleled wealth of experience and careful selection and development of a team of passionate and astute professionals, he was able to build SWEI into a formidable company.

With over 18 years experience of working with students and immigrants to Canada, he founded Study With Ease International (SWEI) after careful evaluation of the experiences and needs of foreign nationals to study overseas. Due to his high business acumen, he also presides over Worldwide Integrated Network and Education.

When he is not researching and implementing ways to improve his organizations’ offerings and further delight his clients, he is spending time with his kids

Consulting 90%
Immigration 80%
Experience 70%
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