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Let our team of experts prepare you ahead of your appointment with the Spanish embassy.

We have a success rate of over 95% on our Spanish visa applications.

Spain offers its international students the opportunity to create new attitudes and concepts about life. It gives students a fresh perspective on the world around them. Every year thousands of students from across the world make their way to Spain to attend one of the 76 universities located in the country. They come to the country for numerous reasons, with the knowledge that studying here is a truly enlightening experience.

While the majority of study programs in Spain are in Spanish, you will be able to find English-taught programs and courses as well. As an international student who cannot speak the language, you will find numerous options to study in Spain in English.


  1. Very affordable Tuition fees and living costs.
  2. The high quality of education taught in English Language.
  3. Student-friendly country and people.
  4. You can work while you study.
  5. Opportunity to travel to other 26 European countries without Visa.


  • International Passport.
  • O’level Result (WAEC or NECO)
  • First degree certificate – BSc or HND
  • Academic Transcript.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Application and Admission Processing Fee: Click to see the rate card


NOTE: You must have a minimum of a 2nd class lower (2.2) to apply for Masters admission. Duration for Postgraduate Diploma is 1 year while Masters is 18 months. Applicants with 3rd class or lower can apply for Postgraduate Diploma or a Top-Up Degree course. See detail below
All academic documents to be sent to admissions@studywitheaseinternational or [email protected]



  • Undergraduate Program Tuition Fee is 6,000 Euro per year while Postgraduate start from 6,500 Euro a year.
  • To guarantee your Visa, you will be required to pay 3,000 Euro out of your Tuition fee after getting admission (before going to the embassy). When you arrive in Spain during registration, you will be required to pay additional 2,000 Euro while you spread the remaining fee for the rest of the year.
  • There are 3 intakes in a year, which are February, May and September.
  • Most universities do not have a deadline, however, you must submit your application very early enough to secure a place.
  • From our agency, admission takes within 4-6 weeks while Visa application takes 3 weeks after you submit at the embassy.

√ International Business Management
√ Visual Communication
√ International Marketing
√ Global Business Environment
√ Fashion Marketing
√ Fashion Design

DIPLOMA (1 year)
√ business Management
√ Tourism & Hospitality Management

BACHELORS (3 years)
√ BA (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management
√ BA (Hons) Business Management
√ BSc Information Technology

√ International Business Management
√ Hospitality & Travel Management

√ Strategic Management & Leadership
√ Logistics & Supply Chain Management
√ Tourism & Hospitality Management
√ Health & Social Care Management

MASTERS (18 months)
√ Master of Business Administration (MBA)
√ MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
√ MSc in Health and Social Care Management
√ MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
√ MSc in Strategic Marketing
√ MSc in Project Management